Mediation is the most cost-effective alternate dispute resolution tool. Over 90 percent of all court litigated cases settle at some point, and the best timing for settlement efforts is an important issue for both sides. When adversaries are ready to make a try at settlement, Mr. Davis can bring his years of experience mediating and settling cases to facilitate those efforts. His experience includes large multi party and transnational cases.


A good arbitrator of contractual disputes should have a balanced style of contractual interpretation and an ability to grasp complex facts. Mr. Davis has experience with arbitrations under most of the major arbitral rules regimes and has arbitrated or served as an arbitrator in arbitrations and disputes governed by the law of numerous domestic and foreign jurisdictions. He has been selected as an arbitrator in disputes involving joint ventures, intellectual property, consumer products, high technology, military contracting, professional services agreements, pharmaceuticals, paper products and environmental issues. He has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving the financial services industry, derivative products, insurance coverage and corporate governance.

Evan Davis

Expert Witness

Increasingly parties need to retain expert witnesses to express opinions on U.S. state and federal law in international arbitrations and non-U.S. court proceedings. Such experts need to be able to explain and defend their opinions clearly and have credibility with the court or arbitral tribunal by reason of their experience, lack of bias and command of the subject. Mr. Davis is particularly qualified to render unbiased opinions on New York law, New York and federal litigation procedure, consumer protection, corporate governance and governmental and lawyer ethics.

Moot Court / Mock Trial

Moot Court is an essential step in preparing for an important argument. Mr. Davis as a moot court judge will carefully review the briefs, ask the hard questions, evaluate the presentation and predict the outcome. In the case of a Mock Trial, Mr. Davis will work with your jury/trial consultant to evaluate the presentation and predict the outcome. This Moot Court and Mock Trial methodology can also be used outside of the context of an impending argument or trial as a particularly cost-effective case evaluation tool.

Special Master / Discovery Referee

Courts occasionally appoint private lawyers to perform quasi judicial functions in cases pending before them. Mr. Davis is available to be recommended for such appointments.