Disclaimer and Regulatory Notices

Retention of Evan A. Davis LLC is Not a Retention of Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP

I ceased being a Partner at Cleary Gottlieb on July 1, 2012. My sole income from Cleary Gottlieb is my partnership pension which is unfunded and is affected by firm profits. My ADR, expert witness and adjudicative practice is conducted exclusively as Evan A. Davis LLC and any retention of me is not a retention of Cleary Gottlieb and the engagement letter will confirm this and contain an advance waiver with respect to the Firm and as regards any adversarial position that the Firm may have taken or may take in the future as to such retaining party.

In the event that one or more lawyers or paralegals at Cleary Gottlieb assist me in any project, I will bill separately for their time at firm rates and that bill will be payable to Cleary Gottlieb. Apart from any such lawyers or paralegals and making such disclosure as is necessary for conflict review, I will not discuss my ADR, expert witness and adjudicative work with others at Cleary Gottlieb.

I expect to conduct CLE training, supervise pro bono projects, attend firm and litigation group meetings and provide mentoring, advice and assistance to Cleary Gottlieb lawyers in my anticipated capacity as a Senior Counsel.

Not a Source of Legal Advice

This website is strictly a source of general information about Evan A. Davis LLC and the various services Evan A. Davis LLC provides. Visitors to the site, whether clients or casual browsers, should not act on legal matters - or decline to act on such matters - based on material found here. Legal decisions and actions or inactions should never be made without advice on the specific facts and circumstances at issue from an appropriately licensed professional.

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